New windows!

Many of our students are having a quieter week after the hand-in deadline last week. It's not that quiet here, however - all the bedrooms have been getting new windows.

New windows

Tea, cake and flags

The third in our start-of-year Sunday afternoon tea-and-cake events and the best attended. Most residents have now arrived, and freshers' activities are well under way. 

The tables were soon pulled together, then there was table tennis, and then a crazy elimination game played round the table tennis table with a larger ball.

The maps (one UK, one world one) now have their inaugural flags, and the ideas list has some great items on it. Watch this space!

Past events

Sculpture exhibition

We are delighted to be hosting Laure's lovely tactile sculptures in the Heathfield Centre until 1 September. The exhibition is open 24 August and 28 August–1 September, 11am to 2pm, 3-6pm, and until 8pm on Thursday. Come and see them while you have the chance!

Summer BBQ

Eight Dutch student doctors stayed at Heathfield for four weeks while doing a placement at Norwich Community Hospital. Just before the first of them left to go home, we managed to squeeze in a barbeque evening in the garden for everyone still resident at Heathfield.

Changes in data protection

24 May 2018

It's been all over the news. Big changes in the regulations on the protection of personal data come into force from 25 May 2018. Here at Heathfield we thoroughly approve of these changes have been taking measures to ensure we are fully compliant.

Sarah has been taking an online course to make sure we do everything we should.

There is now a Data Security Statement on our website, which identifies who handles your data, what data we collect, how and why we collect it, and how we process and store it securely. 

Our application form has been revised to ensure that we have explicit consent from anyone filling in an application to process the data they entrust to us.

If have any concerns about the way your personal data is held or handled, please come and see us during Reception hours.

Car club deal for Heathfield residents

4 April 2018

Good news! Heathfield students can now use cars belonging to Norfolk Car Club - and benefit from a generous promotional deal. The fleet will very soon include a car in nearby Silver Road, and is due to grow more in this part of the city.

Upgrading ... upgrading...

27 March 2018

The Virgin circuit that supplies Heathfield was upgraded to make us ready for future upgrades to our service. Students currently have 150Mb available, and our supplier StudentCom undertake to increase the capacity by 10% per year. So during 2018-19 students will enjoy 160Mb, and 170Mb during 2019-20. Excellent news, especially for NUA students needing lots of bandwidth for complex artwork projects! 




Social media news

Heathfield is now on Twitter and Instagram as well as Facebook

Nice reviews on Facebook!

Head on over to our Facebook page - we've had some lovely reviews from current residents!

Snow fun!

Heathfield aims to broaden students' horizons. We've been getting some help from the weather. Lucette is from West Africa and has never seen snow before. Andy is from southern California – he has seen snow, but only in New York.

Andy commented on the finished snowman: "They grow up so fast! This morning he was just a pile of snow, and now he has a failing career in fashion."

Looking ahead to September 2018

Bookings are coming in for next academic year, but there are still plenty of spaces at the moment. If you'd like to come and see what's on offer, do get in touch. We'd love to welcome you and show you round.

There is always someone here when Reception is open (Monday to Friday, 9-11am and 5-7pm), but if another time suits you better, please ring or email (details above) to arrange a mutually convenient time. We live on site, so we are usually around at other times.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Happy New Year for 2018!

The winter sun is glinting on the bike sheds, and students are returning for their new term.

From 20 January we look forward to welcoming prospective residents for 2018/19 coming to view Heathfield.

Christmas has been and gone, and students are returning refreshed for the new term. 

There was a tree, of course, and a crib. For those of us who stayed at Heathfield over Christmas and our guests from around the world, there was also an English Christmas dinner on the day itself, with turkey, a flambéd Christmas pudding and, of course, crackers and silly hats.

By the end, as one of our guests pointed out, 'The bird is dead' – and we'd all had a thoroughly pleasant evening.


Pimp my bin

We hadn't got around to making all the waste-paper bins for the student rooms, and it was already the start of October. The plan had been to 'upcycle' 5L paintpots by giving them an overcoat of flooring cut-offs.

However, having discovered that students are keen on cake, we made tea and home-made biscuits available to lure in some volunteer labour. Fun was had by all, and the students were as inventive and creative as one might expect – that is, far more so than the Heathfield core team!




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Tea and cakes

The social year started on Sunday afternoon, 24 September. There were silly quiz-type questions (can you find somoene who lives furthest north? who speaks more than two languages? who has swum in the North Sea / the Baltic?) to break the ice. Soon, fuelled by tea and cakes, students were getting chatting not just to their flatmates but also to those living in other flats. 

The event was billed to stop at 5.30, but nothing was going to stop the chatter at that point. And ideas are being discussed for the next event...



Heathfield - the conversion story

This series of slideshows gives an idea of the work done to convert Heathfield, formerly a residential care home, into the present Student Community Home.