Apply to ‘Try before you buy’

Thank you for your interest in visiting to ‘Try before you buy’ at Heathfield Community Student Home.

This application form is for students who are not able to come Norwich until their course of study begins.

If you are coming to Heathfield for a visit only, please go back to the Applying to Heathfield page and use the Option 1 application form.

The cost of your ‘Try before you buy’ stay is £140 for 7 nights. If you decide to stay at Heathfield, the amount you have paid will be deducted from your first month’s rent.

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If you would like, you may give the names of up any who will also be studying in Norwich and who would like to be in the same flat. Please note that each person must make their own application.

Friend(s) you would like to share with:

If you have a car, you can book a parking space at Heathfield for GBP12 per month. Will you want to book a parking space?

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Visiting Heathfield using 'Try before you buy'

Please give us a date (dd/mm) for when you expect to arrive for your 'Try before you buy' visit. We understand that this may change when you book your travel to Norwich, and that's fine. Please just keep us updated by email.

How did you hear about Heathfield Student Community Home?

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