Your accommodation

Preparing to arrive

A new home, a new place to live, starting a new year of studies … it can all be quite daunting.

A little planning will save you from spending time and money bringing things you won't need. Do have a look at the What to bring section below for a handy checklist.

What's at Heathfield

Your bedroom is furnished with a large desk, a desk chair, a good-quality desk lamp, a large notice-board, a set of bookshelves, a single bed and a 3-drawer chest of drawers. Each room has a washbasin (with light and shaver point) surrounded by further plentiful built-in storage space. The adjustable radiators keep the rooms cosy.

Top-quality connectivity is provided by Glide, with a data point in each bedroom and secured wifi throughout the building.

The six flats have 6, 7 or 8 rooms. There are two toilets in each flat, and two shower rooms, each equipped with plenty of hooks, a small step stool and a cork mat.




The unusually large and welcoming student lounges in each flat offer plenty of space to sit and chat with your flatmates and guests, who are of course welcome to visit you at Heathfield. 

The self-catering kitchens provide for each 4 students:

  • a sink
  • a cooker with 4 rings and an oven
  • a fridge-freezer with a shelf each

Each student also has a lockable cupboard for their own belongings.

Each kitchen has a microwave, a kettle and a toaster. Some equipment is provided:

  • 1 sauté pan, 1 medium and 1 small pan, all with lids
  • enough plates, sideplates, mugs, glasses, bowls, knives, forks and spoons for at least one per flat occupant
  • 1 sharp knife (there is a knife sharpener in Reception if it needs sharpening) and a chopping board
  • vegetable peeler
  • grater
  • tin opener
  • wooden spoons, serving spoon, fish slice
  • white roasting dish
  • oven tray
  • mixing bowl and whisk 
  • 5 tea-towels

We advise you to bring only a minimum. Before you get too much, see if you can share equipment with your flatmates.

Please note that TVs are not provided. You are welcome to decide as a flat to have a TV in the lounge. However, please be aware that whether you are watching TV in your own room or in the lounge, you must arrange to have a valid TV licence. Full details will be in your welcome pack.

The Garden Room provides a dedicated study room for quiet work or work in small groups. The laundry room has coin-operated washing-machines and a dryer. An iron is also available.

Outside, secure bicycle storage is provided free of charge. As well as the enclosed south-facing central garden, there are spacious grounds around the building.


What to bring

A little planning will save you from spending time and money bringing things you won't need.

You will need:

  • bedding. If you prefer, you will be able to buy a bedding pack when you arrive, consisting of duvet, pillow, sheet, duvet cover and pillow case. A brand-new pack costs £21. For £12, we also have a few freshly laundered bedding sets. Please email to let us know you would like to reserve a one of these. 
  • towels and toiletries (including hairdryer, shaver etc.)
  • personal computer or laptop
  • chargers and leads. The trunking above the desk includes 2 USB sockets as well as standard three-point sockets. We will supply a data cable for the data point giving you access to the full range of services provided by Glide (formerly StudentCom).


You are very welcome to decorate your room with posters, photos and pictures. Each room has a notice board. Many also have a picture rail, and picture hooks will be available to buy. Please do not attach anything to the walls with sticky tape or with blue or white tack; they will damage the paint – and your deposit! We are happy to allow the use of Gripping Stuff poster tape. We have some rolls for sale in Reception.


Please note that you should not bring the following prohibited items:

  • kitchen appliances (fridge/mini-fridge/microwave/mini-oven)
  • heater
  • curtains or net curtains
  • soft furnishings (rugs/floor cushions/beanbags)
  • extra furniture 
  • candles/oil burners
  • any kind of weapon or firearm
  • any pets (including insects, reptiles or fish).