You should find the answers to many of your questions on this page. If you have further questions, do email us.


Before you book your room, we ask you to visit. We want to be sure you like Heathfield and will be comfortable in our community.

Please head to the book a viewing page to make an appointment. We’re looking forward to showing you round.

Our Rooms and prices page describes the rooms available and shows the rent for each type.

The rent includes:

  • all bills (electricity, heating and hot water, maintenance and waste removal);
  • high-quality wifi throughout the building, and your own data point and data cable in your room;
  • use of the communal spaces: a study room, a large art studio, the common room with games, table-tennis and a home cinema;
    the communal gardens;
  • secure bicycle storage;
  • 24/7 management services.

We recommend you insure your possessions, and this is not included.

We think it is essential that you have the chance to see the accommodation before you commit to a binding legal contract.

Please make an appointment. We’re looking forward to meeting you and showing you round.

Your students’ union will be able to give you support and advice about specific issues or problems.

There is some very good advice about looking for private accommodation on the NUA website.

The UEA advice is here.

Guidance from the government on renting is here.

We normally ask all applicants to visit Heathfield before signing a tenancy to secure their room.

If you live abroad, however, you may not be able to visit in advance.

We reserve a very small number of rooms every year for our Try before you buy option, which is intended to allow students from overseas to sample living at Heathfield before committing to a tenancy.

We ask you to set up a standing order for the monthly rent payments. Rent is due in advance on the 1st of every month.

Yes, one of the flats is for women only. Please let us know if this is your preference.


A little planning will save you from spending time and money bringing things you won’t need. Your basic list should include:

  • proof of ID (eg passport)
  • your Heathfield booking documentation
  • towels and toiletries (including hairdryer, shaver etc.)
  • personal computer or laptop
  • chargers and leads
    The trunking above your desk includes 2 USB sockets as well as standard three-point sockets. We will supply a data cable for the data point giving you access to the full range of services provided by Glide.
  • bedding
    If you prefer, you will be able to buy a bedding pack when you arrive, consisting of duvet, pillow, sheet, duvet cover and pillow case. A brand-new pack costs £21. For £12, we also have a few freshly laundered bedding sets. Please email to let us know you would like to reserve a one of these.

Yes! It’s available online, and we strongly recommend reading it well before you move in. It has lots of information and suggestions to help you prepare to move into Heathfield.

You’ll find each student kitchen equipped with basic crockery, cutlery, pans and utensils. In normal times, the Students’ Union at UEA holds a pots and pans sale at the start of term, though we can’t guarantee that will happen under coronavirus restrictions.

Each kitchen has a microwave, a kettle and a toaster, and at a minimum the following equipment:

  • 1 sauté pan, 1 medium and 1 small pan, all with lids
  • enough plates, sideplates, mugs, glasses, bowls, knives, forks and spoons for at least one per flat occupant
  • 1 sharp knife (there is a knife sharpener in Reception if it needs sharpening) and a chopping board
  • vegetable peeler
  • grater
  • tin opener
  • wooden spoons, serving spoon, fish slice
  • roasting dish
  • oven tray
  • mixing bowl and whisk
  • tea-towels

We advise you to bring only a minimum. You will probably be able to pool equipment with your flatmates and you may not need to buy anything extra.

Follow us on Facebook. As your move-in date draws near, you will receive a link to join the Facebook group we set up for each year so that residents can make connections before they arrive at Heathfield.

Students also run their own active chat group for residents across the building.

You are very welcome to bring posters, photos and pictures. Each room has a notice board. Many also have a picture rail, and picture hooks are available to buy.

We also have rolls of Gripping Stuff and Washi tape for sale in Reception. These are the only permitted ways to hang pictures on the walls.

Please do not attach anything to the walls with sticky tape or with blue tack or white tack; they will damage the paint – and your deposit!

At Heathfield, yes, as we provide (free) secure cycle storage.

Cycling is an excellent way to get around Norwich. We recommend that you invest in a good cycle lock (D-locks are recommended) to secure your bike both on- and off-site.

Your address will be:

[Your name]
Heathfield Student Community Home
62 Cannell Green

Each flat (A, B, C, D, E, and F) has its own postbox in the Reception area. So if you live in Flat A, your post will be put in the Flat A postbox.

Yes. There is plenty of parking space, and a parking space costs £12/month.

If you are registered disabled and need a car, there is no parking charge.

Please don’t bring any of the following items when you move into Heathfield:

  • kitchen appliances (fridge/mini-fridge/microwave/mini-oven)
  • heater (the radiators in the rooms are adjustable)
  • curtains or net curtains (curtains are provided)
  • soft furnishings (rugs/beanbags/floor cushions – these could be a trip hazard in an emergency)
  • extra furniture (could be a trip hazard in an emergency)
  • candles/oil burners (our smoke detectors are very sensitive)
  • any kind of weapon or firearm
  • any pets (including insects, reptiles or fish).


The internet service here is very reliable. We use Glide, specialists in providing broadband services for student accommodation, over Heathfield’s dedicated 1Gb connection via BT.

Glide provide 24/7/365 service. The wifi service covers the whole building, and each room has its own individual data point and data cable so that residents can use a wired connection. The broadband width available is sufficient to cater, for example, for the requirements of games design students at the Norwich University of the Arts, and for those using their computers for online gaming.

Wifi is available in all the common areas. In the Heathfield Centre, for example, this means that students can set up their own film showings on the big screen by linking their own devices to the built-in projector.

We normally are not able to offer shorter contracts. The section below explains why this is.

If you need to be here beyond the end of the standard 46 week contract (e.g. if you are a postgraduate or you have a job or placement which means you need to stay in Norwich), please come and ask and we can probably extend your contract.


The standard length of contract in NUA campus accommodation is 46 weeks. At UEA, on-campus rooms are offered to first-year students in a 38-week contract. As on-campus spaces are limited, from the second year onwards nearly all students have to live off campus, and most find accommodation in the private rented sector.

In the private sector,  standard contracts are usually for at least 46 weeks and quite often run for the full year, i.e. 52 weeks. The monthly rent is often lower than at Heathfield, but very often this is because the amount is exclusive of bills, i.e. for rent only, and bills (electricity, gas, internet etc.) will be extra.

Here at Heathfield we have opted to use a 46-week contract as standard. This allows us to set the rent, inclusive of all bills, at a level where we can pay those bills while keeping housing costs affordable.

The only exception to this is for students visiting Norwich for one semester only under the ERASMUS scheme. If this is you, please get in touch to discuss your particular situation.

No, the accommodation is self-catering. Each flat (6-8 rooms) has a purpose-built kitchen equipped with two large fridge-freezers, two sinks, two cookers, a microwave and a kettle. Each student has one lockable cupboard to keep their own supplies.

The common parts (main corridors) are regularly cleaned, and student showers, toilets and kitchens (but not lounges) are cleaned weekly.

We expect our residents to be considerate towards their flatmates and the housekeepers and always leave the shared facilities clean and tidy, as they would wish to find them. The housekeepers are not expected to do students’ washing up, and can’t clean properly if there is too much in their way!

Heathfield has three washing machines and two tumble dryers. There are also drying racks, and there is a washing line outside.

Use of the washing machines and the tumble dryers are the only costs you will have in addition to your rent. They are operated by token. The tokens cost £0.50 each, and each buys 30 minutes of electricity, either for a washing machine or a tumble dryer.

There is also one iron and ironing board, free to use.

Yes, if you intend to watch TV, by law you need a licence. When you arrive at Heathfield you will be find a hard copy of this information in your Welcome pack. It explains what you need and why.

Heathfield holds a TV licence for the Heathfield Centre, so students can use connect their laptops to the built-in projector to watch live TV in the Centre on the big screen.

Most buses in Norwich are run by First, though some are run by KonectBus.

The Travel page on the UEA website has a link for UEA staff and students to benefit from special rates on First buses in Norwich.

For those not at UEA, the most flexible option is First mTickets, managed via an app. These are cheaper than paying on the bus, and options include weekly passes and a 10-trip ticket. If you don’t have an mTicket, you can pay using contactless on the bus, but the ticket is a bit more expensive.

KonectBus also offers weekly, monthly and 10-trip tickets, and you can buy these using cash or contactless on the bus, or at Norwich Bus Station.

Have it as a friend, but not a master.

We don’t have specific rules as we are keen to leave it to you to manage your behaviour as an adult.

It is worth remembering that gatherings with lots of people and lots of alcohol can make that more of a challenge…

No. You are a tenant, and Heathfield is your home. You have a key and you can come and go as you please, at whatever time you like.