Applying to Heathfield

Room availability: short-term
All of our rooms are occupied until Christmas 2019.
After Christmas we are expecting one or two rooms to become available. If you need a place in the new year, please contact us and tell us what dates you need.
We can either offer you a room to the end of the standard tenancy, in July 2020. Or we can offer a longer stay if you prefer to remain into the summer or for the 2020/21 academic year.

Rooms for 2020/21
If you would like to consider Heathfield as an accommodation option for the 2020/21 academic year, please arrange to visit and view what we offer.
We welcome residents in all years to achieve a mixed community. So please come and have a look at Heathfield as one of your housing options.
We encourage you to look at a variety of options, and not to sign up too early. So we do not expect to make firm allocations of rooms until early 2020.

Building a varied community

We aim to have a balanced and diverse mix of students from NUA and UEA, including students from all years, undergraduate and postgraduate. We particularly welcome applications from international students, and from third-year and post-graduate students.

We ask you to visit Heathfield before committing to a tenancy to make sure that you like what is on offer. This also gives us a chance to assess how well you will fit into the Heathfield community. If you have friends living here, do come and visit during the year to gain a flavour of life here at Heathfield.

For a very few students - those coming to Norwich from overseas especially - it will not be possible to visit in advance. Such students are invited to apply for the very small number of 'Try before you buy' rooms we have available. 

Please complete our application form below.

Try before you buy

You can stay at Heathfield for up to 7 nights at a cost of £154.00 (i.e. £22.00 per night). Please indicate this on the application form.

You can use the time to assess your housing options and decide if Heathfield is the right place for you. We send you a Paypal invoice for the rent when we receive your application. Making the payment will secure your room.

Of course, we hope you will like Heathfield and decide to stay. When you do, and sign a tenancy for the standard tenancy period, the rent you have paid will be deducted from the amount you owe for the first month of your tenancy.

Heathfield application form

Your rights when we hold your data

The personal data in this form is being processed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data is being sent to Heathfield (Norwich) Ltd., which is the Data Controller under the terms of the GDPR. The information you give means we can allocate you an appropriate room, and it enables us to comply (a) with the law on right to rent and (b) with regulations on council tax.

Your data will be retained for the period specified in the Heathfield Data Security Statement, which you can consult elsewhere on our website.

Your data will be stored securely. You are entitled at any time to see the information we hold, and if it is inaccurate/incomplete, you are entitled to request that it be corrected/completed.

You are free at any time to withdraw your consent to our processing or retaining your data. You need to be aware that if you do so, we shall not be able to draw up a contract for you to live at Heathfield. To withdraw consent, please email Once you have been in contract with us, we are obliged by law to retain the data for the period specified in the Data Security Statement.

I consent to my personal data being processed by Heathfield (Norwich) Ltd. in relation to my application to live at Heathfield. (required)

Application form
Please complete this form carefully. If your responses are unclear or incomplete, the application process may be delayed.

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Studying at / Applying to

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When will you need accommodation?

*Accommodation requirements if other than a standard contract:

Do you have any access requirements?

*If Yes, please specify your access requirements. For example, would you prefer to be allocated a room in the flat reserved for women only?

If you have a car, you can book a parking space at Heathfield for GBP12 per month. Will you want to book a parking space?

Period(s) (dd/mm to dd/mm) I will need a car parking space:

Visiting Heathfield
We cannot make a firm offer of a room at Heathfield unless you have visited and we have met you. If you like what you see, and we feel you will fit in well at Heathfield, we will then offer you a room. Your application will then proceed, and you and we will both sign a binding tenancy agreement.
We do understand that if you live overseas it will be difficult to visit, so we reserve a very small number of rooms for 'Try before you buy' applicants (as described above). Please let us know which applies to you (required).
[radio* Application use_label_element default:1 "Standard application" "'Try before you buy' application"]
You are welcome to visit during Reception open hours. These are Monday to Friday 9-11am (check outside term time) and 5-7pm (term time only).
Using the box below, please tell us a date and time when you will visit (or, for 'Try before you buy', when you will arrive).
We will contact you to confirm, or if necessary to arrange a different and mutually agreeable time, which could be outside Reception hours. Please only come if we have confirmed we can welcome you.

How did you hear about Heathfield Student Community Home?

Tell us what you expect from living in a student community home, and what you think you would be able to bring to it. (required)

Is there anything else you would like us to know?