Applying to Heathfield

STOP PRESS: All rooms now booked for 2018/19

Please note that all the rooms at Heathfield are now booked for September 2018 to July 2019. We therefore advise you to look elsewhere. 

Even if a room does become available, we are not accepting any further applications from students in Y1 or the foundation year at NUA. We aim to have a balanced and diverse mix of students from NUA and UEA, including students from all years, undergraduate and postgraduate. So please apply again next year if you would like to come and be part of our diverse and enriching community. 

We recommend applying earlier in the year. We will ask you to come and let us show you round so that you can assess Heathfield before you commit to a tenancy. This also gives us a chance to assess how well you will fit into the Heathfield community. If you have friends living here, do come and visit during the year to gain a flavour of life here at Heathfield.

Which application form should I fill in?

Both we and Home Let ask that you visit Heathfield before signing a binding contract. If you can visit in advance, go to Option 1 below.

However, if you aren't able to visit in advance, perhaps because you are coming to the UK to study from a distant country, go to Option 2, Try before you buy.
Please note: 
1. We accept TBYB applications from UK students only in exceptional circumstances. 
2. Rooms at Heathfield are popular, so we are only able to allocate a very limited number of rooms to TBYB applicants. 

Option 1: I can visit Heathfield. What should I do?

1 Complete an application form.

2 If you have not already visited, we will contact you to arrange a visit.

3 Once you confirm (in writing) that you would like to book a room at Heathfield, we will forward your application to our agents, Home Let.

4 Home Let will ask you to complete their dedicated application form to set up payments for your deposit and rent.

Option 2: I can't get to Heathfield to visit. What can I do?

You can stay at Heathfield for up to 7 nights at a cost of £140 (i.e. £20 per night). To book a visit, please complete the Try before you buy application form. You can use the time to assess your housing options and decide if Heathfield is the right place for you. We send you a Paypal invoice for £140 when we receive your application. Making the payment will secure your room.

Of course, we hope you will like Heathfield and decide to stay. When you do, we will notify Home Let, who will ask you to complete their dedicated application form to set up payments for your deposit and rent. When you sign a tenancy for the standard tenancy period, the £140 you have paid will be deducted from your first month's rent.