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From 1 September 2016, a change in the law means it’s especially important for you to check if you need a TV Licence.

When do I need a TV Licence? You need to be covered by a TV Licence if you watch or record any live TV on any channel – or if you download or watch BBC programmes on demand (including catch-up TV) on BBC iPlayer – in your room. You also need a licence to watch streamed programmes online from outside the UK, e.g. foreign channels, overseas sports matches or TV shows. So this is likely to affect you.

This applies whatever device you’re using – whether it’s a TV (including a smart TV), laptop, tablet, mobile phone, games console, digital box, DVD/VHS recorder or anything else.

It’s the law, and anyone in Heathfield Norwich who watches or records any live TV on any channel – or downloads or watches BBC programmes on demand (including catch up TV) on BBC iPlayer – without a valid TV Licence is at risk of prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

Visit the TV Licensing website for more information or email us to ask.